New website. Same fabulous business!

Agility Property. Buyer’s Agent and Property Services business servicing Brisbane, Australia. We help busy professionals source, secure, and improve their residential property acquisitions.

Our core services include Buyers Agent, Property Improvement, and Property Advisory. Each service is unique in its approach within the property lifecycle.

Buyers Agent ~ Assisting in searching and securing residential property for busy professionals.

Property Improvement ~ Post acquisition and prior to tenancy, if your new Property Investment requires minor improvements such as new paintwork, flooring etc, our team will assist to have these improvements completed on budget and within the style of the property and its investment return prior to tenancy.

Property Advisor ~ If you are considering another investment property to your portfolio and wish to appraise an existing property in portfolio prior to selling or as equity leverage, unhappy with your current Property Management with your existing investment property, or just need another property opinion, we are the Ace card in your pocket to assist with all these questions.

All our Services are designed for you, the Property Buyer, in mind. Contact Us today and let’s make today one step closer to your goal!

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