What is a Buyer’s Agent? 

A Buyer’s Agent is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and where their customer is the property buyer purely. As a Buyer’s Agent they only act for the Buyer and always in their best interests and within the parameters set by the Client. The services of a Buyer’s Agent can be quite broad or specific and all are dependant on the needs of the Client. 

Why engage a Buyer’s Agent?

A Buyer’s Agent can save you, the buyer, time, inconvenience, stress, and money in property research and acquisition, and they also bring experience, market knowledge and information to the decision table that will aid a confident property decision.

What services do Buyer’s Agents provide?

Broadly speaking, the services of a Buyer’s Agent usually include i. completion of a comprehensive consultation to understand the property requirements, ii. source, research and analysis of the best available properties, and coordination of viewings, iii. strategy formulation to secure the selected property/s including any and all required searches, third party reports, property viewings including liaising until Settlement. 

Client’s may engage a Buyer’s Agent to complete the full suite of Services or part of, for example you can engage a Buyer’s Agent to only bid at Auction on your behalf.

How much do they charge?

A Buyer’s Agent fee for the full suite of service is most commonly a fixed fee based on the budgeted purchase price of the property sought, with the fee usually payable in instalments throughout the engaged service. Alternatively a Client may engage a Buyer’s Agent to perform only one service for example to bid at Auction on their behalf. This would usually involve a one off fee for service and payable prior to the service being performed.

How do I engage a Buyer’s Agent?

As a Buyer’s Agent we are engaged in a similar manner to engaging a Real Estate Agent to sell your property, by that we mean, a Buyer’s Agent is engaged as an Appointment of Agent and our service is governed by same Federal legislation and State Code of Practice. 

A simple phone call or email to us will commence the conversation on how they can assist you reach your property goals. Contact Us today and let’s get started.

Tips from Agility Property 

  • Engaging a Buyer’s Agent is a professional working relationship, you want to feel that you can work with the Agent before you engaging them;
  • Be as clear as possible as to what requirements you require of the Agent and the property you are searching for, and provide this information to them in writing wherever possible;
  • when you engage a Buyer’s Agent to fulfil the full suite of service, their services should not conclude until the keys of the property are in the your hands.
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