Brisbane resides within Moreton Bay, which is approx 1 hour north of the Gold Coast, in a sub tropical climate and a population of approximately 2.44 million people. Brisbane is approx ½ the population of Sydney, but it’s twice the lifestyle!

What makes Brisbane, Brisbane!

The Brisbane airport and CBD reside on the northern side of the Brisbane River and are approx 20mins from each other. Suburbs of Brisbane reach East, West, North and South of the CBD to the outskirts of Gold Coast region to the south, and the Sunshine Coast to the North.

There’s SPACE, lush tropical green spaces, waterways, loads of outdoor eateries and recreation hubs, education options, and suburban lifestyle corridors that thrive in Brisbane suburbs.

Each suburban area and region has its own unique lifestyle and factors that are enjoyed by all. Did I mention there’s a lot more space and fresh air. Land and space.

With these amenities mostly at your doorstep, it allows for less commuting time to run errands, get to and from work, and more time to enjoy the climate, the outdoors life, and you’ll have time for a simple chat or helping hand with neighbours. Brisbane provides a great pace of life that allows for more living and enjoying, and less hustle and bustle.

So what’s the growth and prospects like? 

Brisbane has been holding its own over the recent periods of growth. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has reported the past 12month growth (March 2020 – March 2021) in Brisbane as 7.5% and the previous quarter (Dec 20 – Mar 21) saw growth of 4.0%. Previous to this the 12mth growth (March 19 – March 20) in Brisbane was 2.5%.

Over the past two years, Brisbane’s growth has been 10%, and there could be a number of contributing factors to this increase;

  1. Pandemic 2020 – The pandemic started around March 2020 and we have largely been required to spend more time in our homes. Spending more time in our homes has seen many of us reassess the space (indoors and outdoors) that we require which may have required a sale and property purchase.
  • SPACE – as mentioned previously, reassessing what space people have needed in their homes both indoor and outdoor has seen many sell and repurchase, which has created a demand where supply has been short which has forced pricing to be highly competitive.
  • Interstate Relocations – Again the pandemic has seen many people reassess aspects of their life from work, home life, health, lifestyle, and a new or revived approach to all. At times this has seen people and their families move out of high density cities such as Sydney and Melbourne in particular who are seeking more space and a change into a more relaxed lifestyle and Queensland and particular Brisbane, Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast are the perfect places. These relocations have driven demand up and prices also against a short supply and interstate money.
  • Lifestyle – Queensland lifestyle and climate is idyllic. It’s mostly warm and sunny all-year-round. Lots of outdoor activities, there is space, the pace of life is slower so you get to slow down and enjoy simple moments rather than the hustle and bustle of traffic and work life busyness. Brisbane’s lifestyle allows more time to walk more slowly, breath more deeply, smile and talk with others and you will find the friendliness among Queenslander uniquely different to our southern counterparts. 
  • Economic development and growth – There’s a lot going on in Queensland! Development of additional runways at Brisbane Airport, school and tertiary education facilities expansion, STEM business stimulus and in particular our land and space provides great ground for outback testing for Space Exploration, mining exploration and exportation, and sporting facilities including Commonwealth and Olympic bid and facilitation.
  • Price/Cost of Living – The cost of living in Queensland is substantially less than its  southern counterparts in terms of property pricing, schooling, roadway costs mainly. This significantly impacts positively on household budgets and mental wellbeing. These elements assist with Brisbane being a desirable place to live and enjoy life without the heavy financial or mental health pressures of Sydney and Melbourne in comparison. As an example, the current median house and unit purchase price in Brisbane is currently $641,727 and $411,664 respectively, whilst the median house and unit rental price in Brisbane is currently $415 per week and $395 per week respectively.

Queensland has a highly desired affordability and lifestyle. Sunny most of the year, an outdoors and friendly lifestyle, economic growth and a lower cost of living provides for idyllic living and positive factors when considering your next property decision. To take advantage of current movement, Contact Us and let’s get started.


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