It’s an exciting moment when considering a new property purchase – whether it be your next home or your next investment property! You run the numbers, consider what’s possible, do some preliminary research, chat to friends and family, and then the penny drops!

We need to start but I don’t have the time and where do we start?!

This is where Agility Property can help!

  • All the weekday, weekend, night time, or online inspections
  • All the property research, the property due diligence
  • The negotiations with the Owner/Vendor/Sales Agent
  • The pre-settlement inspection, post-settlement inspection, collection of keys

PLUS, we also help you with:

  • Asset Depreciation Schedule.
  • Property Manager recommendations.
  • Property improvements or minor renovations ready for your arrival or tenancy.
  • A trusted Property Services and Advisor as and when you need for the lifetime of your property.  

All of these services for one property can add up to hundreds of hours per property, months of time, and many weekends, and weeknights.

For a small professional fee, you save all that time, acquire property, and have a trusted Property Advisor to your property for its lifetime.

For more information on our Services, click here, or Contact Us today and let’s discuss how we can help your next property move!

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