Agility Property.

Founded in Brisbane, Australia in 2014, Agility Property provides agile property services for busy professionals. Property services include Buyers Agent services (end to end services), Property Improvement, & Property Advisory services. Agility Property services are exclusive to Agility Property clients. Each service is designed to ensure your time and your property are efficiently managed alongside our business principles.

Our business principles are the foundation of our business and guide our focus and effort everyday. Our business principles are: Professionalism, Respect, Honesty, Persistence, & Integrity.

Agility Property is an accredited agency with Real Estate Institute Queensland (REIQ).

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Founder | CEO | Buyers Agent – – Kristy Smith

Property investor since 1997 in Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane. Kristy holds qualifications in Business Management, Human Resources Management, Legal, Property, and Hospitality Management.

20+ years experience in Corporate organisations both global and local provided Kristy with the necessary skills and opportunities to finesse skills in business, customer service, sales and marketing, technology, research and data, and people relationships. All of which are essential in today’s business world and that of the property industry and her clients. Kristy is a licenced Queensland Real Estate Agent, and since 2014 continues to provide property services exclusively for Property Buyers. Kristy is a member of the Real Estate Institute Queensland (REIQ).

Kristy’s approach to business is one of professionalism, respect, agility, organisation, communication, results and fun.

For more information on our Services, click here, or Contact Us today then you’re one step closer to your goal!

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